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v v v vera

I've been messing around with Vera's design in my head for a while but finally decided to put it on paper. hrrrf. She'd be set alongside Skaden and Asta and whoever else.

>> click image for larger >>

what is perthpective

Through this, I discovered some brushes in CS5 that are great for just drawing. Awesome, since I can't use SAI anymore for whatever bullshit reason my tablet wants to come up with.
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quick doodle - skaden

pfpfpppffffft winter-related things with horns and branches/antlers. everyone has drawn something exactly like this.

despite that, going to fiddle with him more, but i figured i should draw him while he's in my head.
he can stretch out his body funkily (he's just this black amorphous thing under the cloth). I'm not entirely sure if he has a head (and if he does, what it looks like.)
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hey, have two things.

Riku pointed out some problems in this one that I am going to try to fix!


if I can keep going like this, regardless of my apathy, I should be able to do dat commissions. why is this so debilitating! anyone else could bust their way through this! hurrrrf! not meant for art phim just deal widdit